Overall Rating: 91.25%
Average Rating: 9.12/10
I thought I'd have to read a book for a direcvosy like this!
Indian, V3LcKeazM
I found that the customer service to be exceptional both friendly and professional. I am a 30 year retired Navy VET since post ww2 and have a pretty good knowledge of the Navy Pea coat and its transformations over the years because of cost and contracts.

I order the Navigator because of being 100% wool as that was the ww2 and post ww2 Navy Pea coats , I still have mine and in great shape yet. But I am not a kid any more with size 38. So I bought this new one IAW the size c hart and found it was too big. So am returning it for my actual size of 44 Regular.
I contacted customer service and they said no problem so am now waiting on exchange.
I however wish they had stayed with the original 32 ounce instead of 24 Ounce as original is much heaver and warmer. But I do understand cost and changes and my three sons that served also had a much lighter coat than I did.
I gave 4 stars only for that reason other wise I would of gladly had given 5 stars.
I will say that reading the specs on the classic That it is pretty close to ww2 model with 8 buttons and 32 ounce. But ww2 coats were 100% wool 10 buttons and had storm flap.
I also will add that I ordered a women pea coat Traditional. for my daughter as well.

I also was thankful that the gave me 15% discount for Military service.
John Sexton
Received my first Sterlingwear P-coat in boot camp Great Lakes, in 1973, still wear one today, only BIGGER, bought one for my wife also. God Bless
Ed Pellegrini
I am happy to find a wonderful peacoat that has been made in the USA.The smile on my face tells how happy II was.I gave my peacoat away after eight years in the Coast Guard to fellow guardsmen who needed a replacement. Oh, how I missed my peacoat. The quality is subperd and tailored beautifully. I will enjoy the peacoat every time I wear it. Thank You
John Cuchetti, Retired
On a lucky break I found your duffle coat made for LL Bean and snatched it up. Spectacular quality, flawless fit... Classic through and through. Truly the perfect winter coat.

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