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Sizing Charts

Men's Size Charts

Note: the size chart above isn’t compensating for the different outer-shell wool and linings used in the Authentic and the Navigator. 

How to Measure
Purchasing online can sometimes be a challenge, but we try to make it as simple as possible to better serve you. Below are some instructions to find the best fit possible. When it comes to sizing, what we usually recommend is taking a jacket you currently like the fit of and measuring it out as follows:

  • The chest measurement (around)
  • The sleeve measurement. This is taken from the cross-seam at the armpit (not inside the armpit itself, but at the stitch right in front of it) to the bottom edge of the sleeve. The sleeve should hit the first knuckle of your thumb with your hands at your sides. If you jacket does not have a sleeve long enough, measure from the underside of your upper arm (right next to the armpit) to the first knuckle of your thumb. Do not measure from the shoulder.
  • The body measurement is taken from the neckline seam (under the collar) to the bottom edge of the coat.

To better help you out, below is a diagram showing where we take the measurements on our jackets:

Please also note: some of our coats do fit different than others. To help you find the best jacket for you, we've provided some detailed information to help our customers find the best coat for them:

The Authentic and the Navigator are cut from the same pattern, but because of the different linings and outer shell wools used in each, they do differ in fit. The Authentic is made out of an 80/20 blend of 80% wool and 20% nylon with what we call a reverse-fleece lining. This is fleece sewn reverse into jacket itself with satin in the upper back and the sleeves. This, in combination with the stiffer wool blend, does tend to make the Authentic fit a little more snug than its Navigator counterpart.

The Classic and the Mariner also do have their own sizing methods to keep in mind.

Different Linings


Sizing Tips
Because our coats are tailored, we do have some recommendations for sizing and fit. For the customer that is looking for a more slim-cut look, we recommend ordering true to suit size in both the Authentic and the Navigator. Because of the nature of the Authentic, ordering true to suit size is going to make the coat fit rather snugly. Keeping this in mind, it might be difficult to layer heavily underneath giving the thicker lining and stiffer outer shell wool. In the Navigator, ordering true to suit size is usually a very safe bet.

For the customer that is looking to layer underneath the coat, say with a heavy sweater or a sweatshirt, we often do recommend ordering one size up from the suit size in the Authentic. Doing so will provide the extra room needed to comfortably accomodate those extra layers, but without them the coat will fit a bit more loosely. In the Navigator, ordering one size up from your suit size isn't recommended. This is because of the Navigator's thinner lining and softer 100% wool shell. Ordering a size up from the suit size tends to make this model fit a little too loosely, thus distorting its shape.

The Classic and the Mariner tend to fit very similar to the Authentic but instead of the reverse-fleece lining, both coats sport full quilted linings. As pictured in the photo above, the Classic and the Mariner's lining is a diamond-cut, quilted pattern that runs the entirety of the jacket. This does tend to make both coats a little more snug, like the Authentic. What we usually recommend is to follow the same guidelines: order one size up if you're planning on layering rather heavy under the Classic and the Mariner and order true to your suit size if you are looking for a more slim-cut look. Just please remember, our coats are not tailored in house.

We do have four different styles of peacoats, all with their own unique touches. Keeping that in mind, they do have some other differences that will change how they feel when you try them on. Here are some highlighted points to know when choosing the right peacoat:

·         The Authentic and Navigator have six button fronts while the Classic and Mariner have eight button fronts

·         The Classic has a closed back while the Authentic, the Navigator and the Mariner have vented backs (an open slit in the backside of the coat)

·         The Classic in black is made in a 32 ounce wool in the black only. The gray and navy are 24 ounce wools. The Authentic, the Navigator, and the Mariner only come in a 24 ounce wool. 

·         The Classic and the Mariner both have a stand-up or otherwise known as a European collar. This collar is slightly raised off the garment itself and it is cut a bit shorter than the collar on the Authentic and the Navigator. The Authentic and the Navigator have convertible collars, which are cut a bit longer and lay flat against the jacket like a lapel of a suit. Both can be buttoned at the collar and flipped over the ears.

·         The Classic and the Mariner both have framed-welt pockets, meaning framework has been sewn into the pocket itself on the outside. The Authentic and Navigator have slash pockets.

·         The Authentic and Navigator should fall to mid-thigh, the Mariner a bit higher than that, and the Classic should fall a little lower than the belt-line.